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Posted By admin on 02/08/14 - Bookmark Andi Pink


I am not sure who invented this pose with the whole open mouth thing, but I can tell you that Andi Pink has come a long way in perfecting it. Guys look like total dorks standing around with their gaping jaws, but Andi looks like a nubile vessel that has just opened for business. Come one, come all, Andi is ready for you!

Andi is blessed with a body most girls would kill for. She is all natural in her beauty. I have spent many nights in her presence partying with the organization that runs her site AndiPink.com and I have to say, she doesn’t even have to try to be skinny. She eats like a dude, drinks like a dude and somehow she looks perky and sexy every morning. It must be the beauty sleep.

From her perky tits to her cleft of Venus pussy Andi has been wowing men and girls world round for years. She recently opened her new site AndiLand.com completely on her own. Her new site updates weekly, but the old one is still a very good buy. It gives you access to the old network where she got her start and all 80 sites that comprise its vast archives of barely legal porn.

Don’t decide. Buy them both!

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Ever have a teenage or college coed girlfriend that let you watch her take a bath? Andi Pink wants to be that girl for you. In this photo gallery from her site she lets you see her scrub her perky boobs and shave that tiny cunny of hers.



As with all of her galleries Andi Pink teases you just a little bit before she lets you see the pink. This is what makes this girl so damn special. You get lots of panty shots, feet shots, shots of hard nipples poking through material, then you get the grand finale. Just the way good porn should be!


Many people debate whether or not Andi Pink is a virgin. She shaves her pussy bare and sports a nice Cleft of Venus. That is the fold the top of her pussy makes. It looks so darn nubile!


While Andi is being a bit coy here, she gets totally naked on her site at AndiPink.com. With one password you can access years of her updates with videos and high resolution pics.

As an added bonus Andi gives you access to her friends sites like Amy Days, Holli Paige, Ariel Rebel and many more. There are over 80 sites in all and there is no extra charge!

Posted By admin on 07/19/11 - Bookmark Andi Pink


Ever received a lip gloss blowjob from a girl? I highly recommend it. With the viscosity of the gloss it makes her lips feel even more in contact with your cock!

Members of Andi Pink are treated to some of the hottest teasing fantasy material ever created. That isn’t to say that Andi is a total tease. She gets completely nude and masturbates. She even invites her girlfriends over to practice kissing and to share masturbation techniques!


Having an athletic body means Andi Pink also has some perky boobs. While they are small, they are perfectly shaped. I say perfect because they fit right into the palms of your hands. Andi likes have them kissed and squeezed while she rides on top.


As I had said before, Andi Pink gets 100% nude and she has one heck of a pussy. Andi likes to shave it completely bare. She also likes it when boys shave their cocks and trim their pubes so you can feel every last millimeter of her tight pussy!

When you join Andi Pink you also get access to her friends like Ariel Rebel, Cofi Milan and Sandy Fair. There are 80 sites in all and every last one of them contains exclusive content. Take the AndiPink.com tour and check the list out for yourself!

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