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Posted By admin on 11/28/13 - Bookmark Andi Pink

Watching Your Sister (Andi Pink) In The Bathroom

Do you want to know how you can tell which of your friends is a lying bullshitter? If he has a sister ask him if he ever tried watching her take a shower. If he says no he is so full of shit. Don’t trust him. Odd that this is how it works out when a guy is so perverted he will watch his own sister in the bathroom, but it is just how nature works!

Andi Pink is one of the first solo models on the web. She didn’t have to resort to tricks like wearing silly, frilly girly clothes or panties most girls wouldn’t wear passed their twelfth birthday. Her popularity was out of this world because she knew how to properly tease a man and then how to also seal the deal later.

On AndiLand.com you get to see her latest and greatest videos. She is still works hard to please men so don’t worry about the updates stopping. Along with pretty a hot girl next door she is a smart and intelligent woman. Andi bought her contract out and started AndiLand.com to promote herself. If you are still interested in supporting this hot babe go to her site and join!

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Posted By admin on 09/19/13 - Bookmark Andi Pink
Juicy perky titties Teen webcam model LexiLow showing cleft of Venus

Okay, Andi Pink, time for you to scoot on over. No, you cannot hog up the entire couch. I got a little hottie named LexiLow coming over. Oh, don’t you go looking at me that way, Andi. You just might like this girl just as much as I do. She has a tight body, great perky tits and a cleft of Venus that is only second to your own.

Guys, are you sick and tired of cam sites that claim to have hot body babes you can watch for free? I am and that is why I created a site where you can find the kinkiest, sexiest little honeys to play with and it is all completely free. No logins. No access codes. No need to give them anything, and if you do give them your Email, you don’t even have to confirm it is your own!

My site is http://www.livejasminesexy.com/ and it finds the rooms with free girls having sex and masturbating. It does it by finding the most popular rooms on live camsex networks. You could do this on your own, but it is time consuming. I have a server dedicated to scanning chatrooms 24/7 looking for naked chicks. That way you can sit back and enjoy the teen flesh!

Give LiveJasmineSexy.com a try and make sure to bookmark. It updates with new girls every 5 minutes!

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Like most guys out there I fell in love with Andi Pink years ago. Her soft features and her youthful body were a big draw. Now you can see her new stuff on Andi Land. These days Andi is a bit more hardcore than she ever was on her last site. In this video she gets frisky with Real Peachez before getting her pussy licked in some lesbian drinking games.

Andi is updating weekly with 100% exclusive content. Although, the hot lesbian sets like this one end up getting shared on both girls sites. So I guess the content is 99.9% pure.

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Posted By admin on 05/07/13 - Bookmark Andi Pink

Hayden Femjoy

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

If Andi Pink had a sister I am wondering if her name would be… mmm… I dunno… Hayden? She might have bigger boobs than Andi, but she has a cute little pussy just like Andi’s is. A succulent cleft of Venus in need of some warm kisses from a soft tongue.

Hayden Winters is like a fresh breath of clean crisp air. Why can’t more sites spend more time finding hot little girls like her instead of settling for the trailer trash they lump in with girls like Hayden? You can find more Hayden Femjoy galleries by clicking her picture. Another easy way to get more of this little cutie is to frequent Metart as they are also loaded with her pics.

I am going to leave you to wrap your brain around the idea of Andi having a possible sister named Hayden. Just don’t think about them going sixty-nine. I wouldn’t want you to short out your keyboard.

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Posted By admin on 02/24/13 - Bookmark Andi Pink

Andi Pink is back and she is making new videos and photo sets for you to download. Her new site AndiLand.com has all of her new stuff. Her old site AndiPink.com has all of her older stuff and the new stuff from her friends like Ariel Rebel.

It doesn’t seem as if it has been six years since Andi started her first site. Maybe that is because Andi doesn’t look any older than when she started modeling. Andi Pink has very perky tits and flawless skin. Her pussy is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Best of all, you can see her new material!

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Posted By admin on 12/29/12 - Bookmark Andi Pink

There was a time when vibrators used to be taboo. Only unsatisfied girls used them in place of sex. A lot has changed in the past decade. Vibrators are now a part of the mainstream. Couples are bringing them to bed more and more often. Some couples even use vibrators like the We Vibe that can be used to stimulate both lovers at the same time while leaving plenty of room for the penis to pound it home.

Heighten your sexual gratification with a ToyOrgasmic vibrator tonight and say goodbye to boring sex. Adding just one Toy Orgasmic sex toy can completely change up for foreplay, as well as your main course. Adding many of them can leave your options endless!

Andi Pink loves playing with vibrators from ToyOrgasmic because they carry a wide range of vibrators. Andi enjoys the low key kind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a Rabbit or a We Vibe to really spice things up!

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Posted By admin on 12/19/12 - Bookmark Andi Pink


You know how your sister could be a total skank-bitch and do something deplorable to her husband, and you’d kick his ass instead of putting her in her place because… well, she is your sister? That is kind of how I feel about Andi Pink. Is it wrong? Have I misplaced some feelings somewhere along the line?

Don’t get to thinking I am some kind of sicko – you sicko! I know you have already plotted this out in your mind as some kind of Freudian web of incest. I am not saying I think of Andi as my actual sister. I am just saying if she were in an altercation I’d step in and help her as if she were my sister. Then I’d fuck her.


Andi got her start on AndiPink.com a few months before Ariel Rebel opened her own site. Back then you joined each girls site separately. Now you join one site and you get access to eighty. Yes, you read that right. EIGHTY!

I can see you working those cogs in your head again. Actually I can hear the grinding they make as they rub together. At least I hope that is the cogs. Otherwise you need a better lube with more viscosity.

You are probably thinking those 80 sites suck. You couldn’t be further from the truth. They feature girls like Kristina Fey and Katie Fey that got the whole network of sites started. There are dozens of solo models and dozens of multi-model sites where the solo models originally made a name for themselves.

Oh… Before it scrolls off of your screen. Check out that camel toe on Andi with her pink panties. I love her pussy!


Andi Pink has what you would call a cleft of Venus. A pussy with enough fluff in the outer lips to hide the inner lips. Very sexy if you ask me. I also enjoy her little breasts. They are so buoyant they don’t need a bra.


I her latest videos Andi gets more and more R rated. In the beginning none of the girls do much other than pose. Now they are getting a bit more raw. They actually masturbate to orgasm instead of simulating like they are masturbating. When they do videos together they actual lick each others pussies now.


Hey! Do you want to know a fun little fact about the universe? The definition of insanity is not wanting to have Andi plant that beautiful pussy of hers right on your face. It’s true!

Get your own AndiPink.com password and see what kind of trouble you can get in to.

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Andi Pink always has and always will give me a chubby. My only problem with her is that she doesn’t do live webcam shows. For those you have to hit up girls like Vi0let above. Not only does she do live webcam shows, she is bisexual and she wants you to bring your wife along too!

I don’t have a wife, but I do have a bi-curious girlfriend. When we see a hot girl dressed provocatively she is the one that points it out to me. With most couples it is the other way around or the guy has enough brains not to point it out at all.

The other night I built up the courage and asked me GF to try talking to a girl online. She was nervous at first, but vi0let put her at ease and asked us to turn on our webcam so she could see us too. I didn’t even know that was possible!

Vi0let proceeded to tell me GF to imagine it was her lips on my GF’s vagina and not mine. She told me what to do and I have to admit, girls like making love a lot slower than guys do. The trippy thing was that my GF came in like three minutes of me going down on her. Usually it takes at least ten and I usually move my tongue a lot quicker than Vi0let told me to.

Now my GF is getting on the computer and masturbating with the girls when I am not around. I think I created a monster!

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Posted By admin on 10/08/12 - Bookmark Andi Pink


Oh great. Just what I needed. Some crazy, naked, sexed up teen nympho sneaking into my apartment through an open window. Haha! If only we could all have this problem right?

I got this photo from the Andi Pink personal site. Out of all of the models on the net I would have to say that Andi Pink has captured my attention for longer than any other. There is just something about how pure and angelic she looks!

You can get more of her and her friends in daily teen porn links. Each day new girls and galleries are added. The site is huge. Almost too big. But seriously, can a web site really ever have too much porn? I hope the fuck not!

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Posted By admin on 10/08/12 - Bookmark Andi Pink


With as hot as it has been lately it is hard to imagine we are going to begin getting cold soon. It will be time to snuggle up with a girl like Andi to keep those shivers to a minimum and the sexual juices flowing at a maximum rate.

Don’t do the holidays this year without a girl on your arm. Make your family proud by looking up a horny girl or two online. You would be surprised at how many girls there are looking for no strings attached sexual encounters. Some want more than that, but you can’t always just kick those ones out in the morning if they are getting too clingy.

Speaking of clingy. I want to cling my mouth around those perky nipples on Andi Pink. In this gallery she has put on an extra five pounds or so bulking up for a cold winter. Personally I like the extra curves. It isn’t like she can’t burn it off in the sack!

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Posted By admin on 08/11/12 - Bookmark Andi Pink

Back when I was in school my parents got me a tutor. She was about three or four years older then I was and when you are fourteen years old that is a big difference. She already acted like an adult and I was in full blown puberty.

This girl looked a lot like Andi Pink. She was super cute and yet totally not all stuck up about it. Sometimes I think she actually took pity on me and let me have a few glances up her skirt. She would always wear silky panties and I would always dream of putting a finger or two inside them.

She was my tutor for English and one day I left all of my books out for every subject. This included my science book. I went to a private school so the regular restrictions on curriculum didn’t apply to them. The sex education chapter in my science book was actually quite graphic. Like naked pics of a vagina and a hardon graphic! I admit, I rubbed one out to that pussy many times!

On one particular day I got caught up at soccer practice and couldn’t make it home for the beginning of our tutoring session. My tutor said she would wait up for me. Just then my soccer coach told me it was okay if I left practice early. My tutor was his niece and he didn’t want her to have to wait. So I headed home.

When I got home I noticed the trash cans were still out for the trash truck and I brought them into the backyard. From there I was going to head into the house through the sliding glass door when out of the corner of my eye I spied some yellow panties.

In reality all I saw was a hint of yellow panties. About 2 inches worth and what really caught my eye wasn’t the shape or size so much as the color. I had been catching glimpses of that color for weeks and it was burned into my brain. They were my tutors panties!

I crept up to the window I had just passed by hoping she was still in the same position. Hoping she didn’t see me walk by and make herself presentable. Sure enough, I was in luck! She hadn’t moved.

As it turns out she was looking at my science book. The sex education pictures to be exact. I figured she must have gotten turned on by the hardon picture and thought I wouldn’t be home for a half an hour or so. She had her hand in her panties and I could tell she was rubbing her clit.

My tutor crush was starting to breath heavy and grab her boob with her free hand. I could tell she was going to cum. Suddenly her body began to shutter and she moaned a few times as her pussy came. She sat there with her eyes closed and her hand inside her panties for almost an entire minute. Then she abruptly removed her hand from her panties and flipped my book closed while using her other hand to straighten up her clothes.

Now I was going to have to wait fifteen minutes so my hardon would go down!

AndiPink.com gives you some pretty unbelievable access to one of the hottest teenagers the Internet has ever known. If you haven’t seen her members area I highly suggest you do. Inside you will find hundreds of her videos and even more picture sets.

Members of Andi Pink also get access to her friends sites. Ariel Rebel and Katie Fey make this pass completely worth the price of admission. Add in over 70 more sites and you have a mega teen pass you can’t pass up!

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Posted By admin on 07/19/12 - Bookmark Andi Pink


Up until now I had no idea that eating an apple could be so darn sexy. Of course just about everything Andi Pink does can be considered sexy from taking a hot bath to just sitting there with her mouth open. Nice pink kiss panties too! Boy would I like to plant a kiss on her pink pussy right about now!

Andi Pink is by far one of the hottest solo models out there. I have been a fan for years now and I can’t get enough of her. She is so darn cute, but still very down to Earth. Something tells me she is a nerd at heart.

You can get AndiPink.com and all of her friends sites (80+) for one low price. I really enjoy Ariel Rebel and Kristina Fey is a close third. But my heart will always hold the top spot open for Andi!

Posted By admin on 11/28/11 - Bookmark Andi Pink

If only the Internet existed back when I went to high school. Back then we were all in the dark about a lot of things. Take masturbation for example. Most guys in high school literally believed that they were the only ones that masturbated. Little did we know that even the hot chicks like Andi Pink were spending time strumming their Cleft of Venus!

As it turns out almost everybody in high school is masturbating. With the digital age lots of high school students masturbate in groups via web cams on their laptops!

You can watch Andi Pink masturbation videos on her site. She likes to tease herself and feel the soft, smooth skin of her pussy before dipping a finger inside. While some girls need lotion to keep their clit moist during masturbation Andi’s bald pussy makes plenty of juice on its own.

When you join AndiPink.com you also get access to her friends sites like Ariel Rebel and Katie Fey. There are over 60 sites in all and most of them are solo models. All of them are filled with teens, but Andi Pink will always be my favorite!

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If she weren’t doing porn on the Internet, I could see Andi Pink doing milk commercials and selling a shit-ton of the stuff! Andi is that flirtatious girl next door that doesn’t know it when she is playing with fire. One more open mouthed look from this girl and you are going to have a hard time not giving her a hard time.


Alright… Enough is enough… Open wide, girl, cause daddy is coming home and he ain’t taking no for an answer!

Question: How come guys look like a doofus when they leave their mouth open, but chicks like Andi Pink look like cotton candy and cherry coke Slurpee?


I believe they call these shit-eating-grins in the South-West. Who wouldn’t want to plaster that smile with a load of spooge? Or pound that ass while she is leaning over the ball?


I mean seriously!


Yet another Cleft of Venus from this totally hot teenager. Andi knows how to tease, but more importantly, she knows how to finish too! Watch her trailer videos on the AndiPink.com tour and check out the long list of sites you get with your membership!

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Ever have a teenage or college coed girlfriend that let you watch her take a bath? Andi Pink wants to be that girl for you. In this photo gallery from her site she lets you see her scrub her perky boobs and shave that tiny cunny of hers.



As with all of her galleries Andi Pink teases you just a little bit before she lets you see the pink. This is what makes this girl so damn special. You get lots of panty shots, feet shots, shots of hard nipples poking through material, then you get the grand finale. Just the way good porn should be!


Many people debate whether or not Andi Pink is a virgin. She shaves her pussy bare and sports a nice Cleft of Venus. That is the fold the top of her pussy makes. It looks so darn nubile!


While Andi is being a bit coy here, she gets totally naked on her site at AndiPink.com. With one password you can access years of her updates with videos and high resolution pics.

As an added bonus Andi gives you access to her friends sites like Amy Days, Holli Paige, Ariel Rebel and many more. There are over 80 sites in all and there is no extra charge!

Pink Pussy Web Cams
Andi Pink gets horny just like you do. She find Ariel Rebel on free teen web cams and masturbates her tight teen pussy thinking about having Ariel ram her from behind with a strap on. OK, I am dreaming here, but can you really blame me?